Founded in early 2001. Paneles Vallejo now has one of the highest technological ranges in the Spanish market, being the only company in Andalusia with a continuous system of sandwich panel manufacturing. Its origins date from 1996 when, under the name Hienipanel, it was dedicated to the provision of discontinuous sandwich panels.

Paneles Vallejo is part of T.H. Tecnic, a Group boasting over thirty years experience in the world of polyurethane and which provides Paneles Vallejo with the PUR systems. Paneles Vallejo’s product range is available in different thicknesses and finishes to meet the needs both of the construction of roofs and industrial premises and of the manufacture of refrigerated chambers and warehouse renovation.

Vallejo’s ISO 9001:2000 accreditation guarantees the quality of its products and the service provided. What’s more, Vallejo’s specialist staff are able to advise on all types of questions and provide expert consultancy to achieve the best results with each project.


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